Natural Honey
  • Unlike centrifugal (liquid) honey, honeycomb type never contacts oxygen, thus it is not oxidized.
  • Honeycomb keeps enzymes and other useful elements intact, which makes it a sterile and truly natural product.
  • Retains the healing vibrations of bees, as it never contacts metal: it does not go through the honey extractor.
  • Contains beekeeping products: propolis, bee bread, wax, pollen. Each one of them is a valuable product, but together they compile a storehouse of health.
  • Contains purely natural wax.
  • No chemicals are used during the production process.
About Honey
Watch a short part of Sergey Danilov's lecture on the stereotypes of honey production. You will learn more about the requirements for honey storage conditions and find out why it is unsafe to buy honey products at the street market.
Altai Honey
Our apiaries are located in the basin of the high-mountain Altai river Kumir (at the confluence of the Kumir and Krasnoyarka rivers). One of our apiaries can be seen on the satellite maps at coordinates 50.847659, 84.195279.

You can get to the apiaries only by a helicopter or on a horseback across the Taiga and high-mountain paths through passages, fords and windbreaks. The nearest settlement (small village) is more than 30 km away. Total absence of electricity, cellular communications, agricultural holdings, cars and other polluting factors makes our honey unique and extremely healthy.

About High-mountain Honey
We filmed the entire way to our apiaries. You can admire the beauty of Altai nature and make sure that we produce a truly eco-friendly product.
Traditional Russian drink that is made from narrow-leaved fireweed. Fireweed does not contain caffeine and thiamine, but includes a huge amount of trace elements that have a mild and healing effect on the human body. We offer the finest and exclusive varieties of this herbal tea. These unique tea varieties cannot be found anywhere else, as we are the only producers.

Health benefits:
• strengthens the immune system
• increases potency
• cleanses the body
• gives energy
• improves sleep
• strengthens the heart
About the Fireweed Production
The whole technology of the fireweed production is totally transparent. Take a look at all of the stages that fireweed goes through in order to become a full-flavoured and healthy drink.
Wishing you good health!
We are proud to offer you a product that is unique in its properties, purity and history.

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