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About Us
"Russkie travi" (Russian herbs) is formed of several peasant farms located in different parts of our country.
We began our business journey 20 years ago – we grew fireweed and gathered honey for our own consumption.
When we realized that this was the key to health and longevity, we decided to share our knowledge and products with everyone.
How we differ?
  • 8 scientific expeditions to every corner of Russia
    Our goal was to find true knowledge-holders in herbal medicine who could share the recipes for making herbal drinks. We received valuable advice from shamans, herbalists and elders. Since then, we have carried out our own experiments and studied dozens of books.

    As a result, we have accumulated vast experience: today we successfully apply it to create our products.
  • Eco-friendly location of the farms
    We grow fireweed with our own hands on our plantations in different regions of Russia. It is collected and processed using traditional method.

    The places where fireweed grows are located far away from factories and highways. The apiaries can only be reached by horseback riding through Taiga and high-mountain roads.
  • Health benefits preservation
    Our method of honey extraction as well as the design of a mini-frame allow us to exclude any contact with metal during the production process. This is essential because the electromagnetic influence is detrimental to the beneficial properties of honey.

    In the fireweed production, we exclude any contact with polythene. After drying, the chopped leaves are placed in cedar tubs. We dry them on special fabric shelves and then pack them into craft boxes. This allows the leave to 'breathe' at all stages of production and delivery.
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